The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest
What You Don't Know and What God Does Know

A vacuum cleaner salesman knocked on the door of a remote farmhouse. When the lady of the house opened the door, he walked in and dumped a bag of dirt on the floor. “Now,” boasted the salesman, “I want to make a bargain with you. If this super-duper, new vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up every bit of this dirt, I’ll eat what’s left.” “Here’s a spoon,” said the farmer’s wife, “we don’t have any electricity.”

Oops! The salesman assumed he knew everything he needed to know to sell that vacuum cleaner, but because of his lack of full knowledge he was forced to eat dirt.

There is an abundance of things you and I don't know. However there is nothing in the world God does not know. You and I think we know everything about ourselves, but Scripture tells us that God really does.

When we go to the doctor feeling badly, he may order a scan of some kind. He may order a basic x-ray or a CT scan or even an MRI. Oncologists treating cancer patients can find out a great deal about the progress of treatment through a PET scan.

But there is One who has scanned your body, your soul, your mind and your very life. Psalm 139 begins with, "You have searched me, Lord, and you know me." That’s a thorough scan! The text continues to describe how that nothing about us can be hidden from God. He accounts for you and for me every minute of every day. He knows who you are. He knows what your thought process is like and every positive and negative thing you have ever done, said or thought. He even sees you in the darkness just like it is light. Apparently, God has the best night vision equipment ever.

As the text continues, we see that part of why he knows us so well is that he specifically designed and assembled every part of us from head to toe, inside and out. He even knew us personally before we were born, perhaps before we were conceived by our parents.

What we don't know about ourselves could easily fill volumes. But all that God knows about you could not be held in all the libraries or computer chips on earth. In fact, there is NOTHING about you or me that escapes our all-knowing God. I am sure glad and thankful that he knows so much about me yet still loves me. The same is true of his knowledge for every human being on earth.

So, if you begin to get puffed up about what you know, just remember, you may have to eat some dirt.

Cheryl and I are on vacation this week. Josh will preach this Sunday and you know he will have a great message. Plan to be there to hear what God has laid on his heart and what he has for you.

Still learning,

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