The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest
Catch the Vision!

The story’s told about a young preacher who was pastoring a very traditional and established church. The church was beginning to experience phenomenal growth. Soon, the building where they met was no longer suitable for the congregation. They were going to have to buy or build a new facility.

The young preacher had a vision from God. He came to a congregational meeting to present his vision to the church family and hear their response. He came that night ready to share his vision of how God was telling the church to build a bigger and better building. He finished his vision summary and was waiting for a response from the church.

About that time, an aged deacon rose from his feet and said, "Preacher I thank God for you, but we can’t move from this building." The young preacher stood there not knowing what to say. The deacon continued, "Pastor, we can’t move from this building because my grandfather used to preach from that pulpit where you preach. This chair I just arose from is where my daddy used to pray. And I was saved standing next to this post I’m holding on to. Now preacher, I don’t mean to any harm, but we can’t move from this building."

The young preacher stood there not knowing what to say. While he was gathering his thoughts, an old, sainted sister in the rear of the building stood to her feet. She said, "Pastor, I would like to make a motion that we give that brother the post and move on with the plans."

There comes a time when you have to let people have the post, and you have to move on with the program.

From time to time, God gives a leader and a church family a special vision of his plan and power. It begins with reading God’s Word, praying fervently to Him for guidance in accomplishing God’s vision. God sees you and he sees me. He sees our circumstances and the abilities and gifts he has prepared us to use for His glory. When he opens the windows of heaven to his plan for us, it is vital that we hear it and heed it to the point that we follow it to His goal in our lives.

As we gather that vision, God establishes a team for his purpose. The great inventor and entrepreneur, Henry Ford once said, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

Friends even greater results come when a team of Christ’s followers works together with purpose and passion to see the vision of God to it’s amazing results for His glory and purpose.
This Sunday, I will present a message based on Proverbs 29:18 titled Catch and Live the Vision. The church of Jesus Christ will only flourish and will only unify when we see His plan and passionately work to carry it to it’s ultimate goal. Join us this week for God to show us his vision and lead us to follow it for His glory.

Seeing it God’s way together,

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Dianna - January 3rd, 2024 at 8:53pm

This is a very positive message. Thank you!




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