The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest
Grateful for My Mom

For myself and my brothers, this will be the first Mothers’ Day without our Mother. Each of us will experience it as differently as our different ways of grieving. On March 13th of this year, she joined Jesus and our dad in eternal life. Barbara Forrest was an exceptional wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She had a servant’s heart. She was constantly looking for ways to serve her family and anyone else she could, especially if they were in her home. Her spiritual gift of Hospitality was embraced and exercised with passion. If you were a guest in her home, you were made to feel like a welcome member of the family.

She loved spending time in her kitchen. Nothing could be too clean for her. It would get cleaned again, whether it needed it or not. As her child, I always knew I was loved and cherished. She would hold us when we were hurt or sad. She told us that we were loved by God and that Jesus died for our sins.

She heavily supported our Dad’s ministry and the congregations they served. She was quick to see what holes needed to be filled and would jump in to teach a class or start a nursery or start a ministry or fill in where volunteers were needed. She loved on the kids of the church and helped young women to grow as wives and mothers. That was my Mom.

She watched my brothers and me to see what our talents and skills might be or areas where our interests showed up. Then she would help us to develop those abilities and interests to become passions. She would do what she could to teach us what she knew and then she and my Dad would find experts to teach us and guide us in those areas beyond their knowledge. They supported us sacrificially in the development of our gifts and talents.

My Mom often cooked for armies of volunteers who helped with the mission work my parents led. When my parents first moved to the Kiamichi Mission in Oklahoma, they had to raise the majority of the family’s income from churches and individuals who loved what they were doing. Initially, they did not have the monthly support raised. My Dad said that it was my Mom who suggested that they act in faith and give their tithes, not on what they received, but what they needed. Immediately the monthly need showed up in gifts and support.

My Mother was also a valiant prayer warrior. When she put you on her prayer list, she seriously and passionately prayed for you and didn’t stop until the answer was given in full. I know I’m alive today because of her prayers. She was also a student of the Bible. She was dedicated to her study and to teaching others from God’s Word.

My Mom was as near the Proverbs 31 woman as anyone I ever knew. I’m thankful for the many years I had her. While she has gone to be with the Lord, her legacy and teaching will live in me and in my children and their children and in generations to come. A Mother’s influence lasts long after she is no longer on earth. I thank God for mine. Be sure you thank him for yours.

A grateful son,

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Dianna - May 8th, 2024 at 8:39pm

A beautiful, loving story and sweet tribute for your mom.




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