The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest
Glad to Be Here

Country Comedian, Jerry Clower, told about a time when he was fresh out of college and was asked to give a speech at the high school graduation at his alma mater. His favorite uncle, Verssy Ledbetter, was very sick in bed and Jerry feared he would be unable to come and hear him speak. When Jerry told him about it, he told his uncle that he was sorry that he was sick and would miss his speech. Uncle Verssy said, “Jerry, I wouldn’t miss your speech for anything. I’ll get up out of my sick bed and come to your speech.” And he did.

After the speech, Jerry came over to his uncle and thanked him for his support. Then, he said, “Uncle Verssy, I sure do home you get better.”

His uncle responded, “My goodness, son! I sure hope you do too.”

It is hard to believe that last Sunday, Cheryl and I began our 24th year of pastoral ministry with First Christian Church. As I’ve been saying for several years, “Every day is a record.” I’ve never lived anywhere in my life as long as I’ve lived in Clovis. I appreciate the patience you have demonstrated toward me over the past 23 years. During this time we have experienced ups and downs, but God has blessed all the way. We have made friends and built very special relationships with some of the most remarkable people in the world.

We have seen God do great things in people’s lives and observed His grace transforming hearts into disciples of Jesus Christ. We have seen acts of generosity over and over again. People in need finding provision and missionaries receiving offerings far larger than they expected.
We have seen wonderful new people joining us in worship. Growth is coming and God has great plans for our ministry together. I can’t wait to see what it is.

This Sunday, one of our FCC Timothies, Paul Acosta will be preaching in our morning service. Paul is getting ready for his third year as a student at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri. He will be sharing the next message in our series FCC Summer Cruise with a message titled The Other Ship based on Jude 1: Jude 1:3-23. You won’t want to miss hearing what this young man of God has to share.

Glad to be here,

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