The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest
Decision or Relationship?

On December 10, 1976 Cheryl and I were legally married. A record of that translation is documented at Dallas County in Farmers Branch, Texas. Because of that, I can introduce her as my wife. She can sign papers as Cheryl Forrest. A legal transaction occurred. But what if that were all there is to our marriage? What if we don’t live together; sleep together; eat together; talk; or seldom see each other? There would be something significant missing in that marriage. Even though the marriage puts me in a certain legal standing with her, marriage is primarily a relationship! If you take the relationship aspect of it away, you’ve removed the most important part.

There are some church people in this world who have declared their belief (faith) in Jesus Christ, have confessed that belief publicly and have even been baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, but who have failed to establish an ongoing relationship with Jesus. Their prayer life is limited to emergency situations, such as serious illness, accidents or financial crisis. Their Bibles collect dust on the shelf because they are seldom, if ever cracked open for reading. They are “hit and miss” with church attendance so they have little impact in the lives of other church people and receive almost no encouragement from fellow believers.

They think that, because they were dunked in water, they have salvation and that’s all they need. Some have been called “Alka-Seltzer Christians.” You drop them in water, they fizz around and soon disappear. Making a public decision for Christ, is more about acquiring “Fire Insurance” (so they don’t go to hell) than connecting with their Lord in a personal way. As a result they gain little to no benefit from their experience.

Titus 2:11-15 tells us about the importance of saying “no to sin,” but it says more about living a victorious life in the grace of God that makes a difference in the world for Jesus because of our relationship with him. His presence in our lives drives us to live in the hope of his return and eternal life with Him. It is time we do more than “just say no to Satan, sin and hell, and say yes to a life filled with the glory of God.

This Sunday we will share a message titled Don’t Just Say No, based on Titus 2:11-15. I hope you will join us in this exciting study from God’s Word.

Positively His Servant,

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