The Upward Look, by Jon Forrest
The Real Christmas

A pastor was preparing a Christmas message and fell asleep in his study at the church. He dreamed that he was in a world into which Jesus had never come. He walked out on the streets, but no church spires pointed to heaven. He was summoned by a weeping child to visit her dying mother, but on arriving found that his Bible ended with the OT. The NT with all its promises of heaven had disappeared from his Bible. He bowed his head and wept in bitter despair, for he could offer her no hope beyond the grave.

Suddenly the pastor was awakened by the choir down the hall practicing the familiar Christmas carols. Joy filled his soul as he realized as never before why we sing "Joy to the World the Lord Has Come!" (Our Daily Bread, Dec 20, 1992)

Amazingly, many people celebrate the December holiday season as if Jesus had not come. They decorate their homes and buy presents for the family and have office parties and go through many celebrations without recognizing the reason Christmas exists. They tell their children about Santa, but forget to tell them about the Christ of Christmas for whom it was named. Even more amazing is that many of those same people live their lives as if Jesus never existed. Life is all about doing everything their own way and getting everything done the way they want. As a result, they miss the importance of the season and the answers they seek for true joy in life.

As someone pointed out, JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON! In fact, He is the reason we live. I hope this Christmas, you will remember to not only include Jesus in your celebrations, but to make Him the focal point of it all. Let all the other parts fall in behind the Savior. You will find fulfillment and satisfaction. You will find JOY TO THE WORLD in your life and the life of your family.

Joy to you and me,

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